TPHCL Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

Titanium Prospect Holding Company Limited (TPHCL), incorporated offshore at Marshall Island is an island country located in the northern Pacific Ocean.

Geographically, the country is part of the larger island group of Micronesia with the population of 68,480 people spread out over 24 low-lying coral atolls comprising 1,156 individual islands and islets.

The islands share maritime boundaries with the Federated States of Micronesia to the west, Wake Island to the north, Kiribati to the south-east, and Nauru to the South.

The most populous atoll is Majuro which also acts as the capital city.

TPHCL business ventures which are unique in many ways; always has been, always will be with much sincerity and transparency.

By working with the Progress Community to foster an attitude of excellent support, openness and cooperation, we have participated in the building of a world-wide infrastructure of friends who are also our business resources. 

The success of our business comes from our commitment to building a positive relationship among these friends and is an effortless by-product of practicing these principles and cultivating them within the community.

TPHCL have always striven to provide "five star" quality in everything we do, and are proud of the fact that people associate this image of excellent quality with our humble company.

Our primary objective in this regard is to continue to build and support our partner relationships and to constantly invent new ways to improve the level of service we provide.

Over our 30 plus years in business have built and refined our secure technical and finance skills, thus able to provide the best collaboration to a healthy business venture partner progressively. 

We have the co-operation of various Funding Institutions, and Financial Consultants, both on staff and as associates, who are available to work for our clients anywhere in the world.

TPHCL is an international concern in financing and investment assist with finance resources globally whether is in Middle East, Europe or Asia. 

We have embraced the concept of a 'virtual office', since most of the services provided by TPHCL are provided with meetings and discussions base on personal face to face understanding.

One of the most important principles of the company is the total commitment to our joint venture partners' requirements and needs.

The partnership relationship is viewed as one between family friends and close relationship rather than contractual. 

Doing what is the best for our joint venture partners, no matter what it takes, is our objective. 

This implies both the ability to provide the resources for any problem they might have, as well as the intention of standing by them until their requirements are met or their problem is solved.

In addition, this means being available at any time for any new issue or problem our collaboration partners may have currently.

An extremely important component of TPHCL Business's philosophy is excitements and innovative attitudes. 

Because we believe in ourselves, our values and our tools, we approach each workday with excitement at being able to solve other people's problems and hopefully make their lives a little easier. 

We purposely cultivate this excitement. 

To us, every day is a new adventure, and we look forward to being satisfied with what we've accomplished at the end of that day.

Another principle of TPHCL's business philosophy is the principle of service; by serving our joint venture partners in whatever their needs, TPHCL promotes a business ethic that sets a standard which transforms the way business is being done today.

And perhaps most importantly, TPHCL is dedicated to bringing out the best in both staff and joint venture partner through a recognition of the positive, creative aspect of any encounter. 

By working to bring out the highest potential in any situation, TPHCL business will contribute the changing for the better any situation it is involved in.

We recognise the changes in the world over the last few decades and are committed to creating a business environment which not only contributes to the betterment of the individuals and the organisations involved, but is also dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone.

TPHCL’s approach is founded on partnership: working with outstanding Business Executives, leveraging our global connections and building on deep sector and geographic insight.

These partnerships are flexible, dynamic and take many forms as from working together to assess investment opportunities and create winning strategies to taking non-executive, executive and advisory roles within a portfolio company.

Each relationship is unique, evolving to create the right fit between your personal aspirations and skills and the needs of our partnership businesses.

The qualities we seek are those underpinning your success: your ability to set strategies, lead change, inspire people, apply insight, drive growth and create value.

Our aim is simple: to help build great companies that deliver world-class results. In achieving these goals, we deliver meaningful financial rewards that reflect your contribution: consultancy fees for project-based roles; success fees for deal origination and co-investment opportunities for active company board roles. 

The case studies and selected individual profiles demonstrate some of the ways business leaders and TPHCL have joined together to make great things happen. 

Our Professional Team work together across business lines and national boundaries to deliver the full benefits of TPHCL’s networks and knowledge. 

At the same time, they form strong one-to-one relationships with the leaders of the companies we partner.

Drawn from many backgrounds, our investment professionals are capable executives with wide-ranging expertise. 

They share:

Determination to be the best-informed experts in their areas;

Commitment to the highest standards of professionalism;

Passion for adding value to the companies that they work with.

Above all, our people enjoy what they do.

TPHCL works actively with exceptional business leaders and entrepreneurs globally to ensure the businesses we invest in fulfil their potential and achieve market leadership. 

Experienced in leading substantial companies, you have the insight and energy to drive value creation in high potential businesses. 

You may be seeking new challenges to capitalise on your exceptional track record, having achieved enviable success at the top. 

Certainly you are attracted to the pace and high expectations associated with private equity-backed businesses.

Although we do not wish to claim as world leader in Private Equity Investor and select exciting growth companies in which to invest on a majority or minority basis. 

Buyouts takes controlling positions in European and Asian mid-market companies and works with their management teams to build significant value. 

In the 2011 financial year, we invested US$83 million in 11 companies across Middle East, Europe and Asia realised US$16 million in proceeds at an average 3.3x money multiple.

Buyouts does not simply invest for TPHCL – external investors in our buyout funds are a vital part of our business model.

Four features underpin our unique and unrivalled position in the market: long-established and truly Middle East, Asian-European network of Associates and Affiliates Investors, complemented by local presence in Asia around 25 investment professionals, who work and make decisions, as a single international team breadth and depth of sector experience vast external network; including strong relationships with entrepreneurs, industrialists, advisers and leading companies. 

TPHCL Buyouts enjoys premium market access which allows us to evaluate and select the best investment opportunities throughout Middle East, Europe and in selected areas of Asia, enabling us to deliver upper-quartile returns.

TPHCL Leaders Network, we source the best chairmen, chief executives, chief financial officers and non-executive directors to work alongside us providing guidance and leadership to the companies in which we invest

TPHCL has a dedicated, global team to manage our established portfolio of earlier-stage venture capital investments across Asia,Middle East and Europe. 

The total value of TPHCL’s venture capital portfolio is equal to US$ 280 million since year 2009

These dynamic young companies, operating in the technology, real estates, shares and stocks sectors, are pioneering some of the most exciting developments in business today. 

TPHCL’s team are active partners, creating close long-term relationships with these entrepreneurs providing hands-on support and practical guidance to achieve global growth to create world-class companies. 

This makes them of particular interest to established players in their respective industries which will take them to the next stage of their development.

As an active partner:

It is your business to conduct the stability of the Business and Our role is 
to support, advise, provide global insights, financial plannings and access to contacts.

As a shareholder:

Your interests are the same as ours including profits, growth and sustainable success. 

Once we have invested, we are committed to working in partnership; delivering our international network, our market insight and our energy to help build exceptional businesses.

We provide outstanding resources to entrepreneurs including: 

In-depth industry insight and experience across six key global sectors, global perspective and network – with Associate Teams in various countries across Europe, Middle East and Asia with a USD500 million pool of capital for investment in growth opportunities over the next ten years.

Our partnership approach is fundamental to success.

Each of our investment streams has a clear strategy that involves working with great management teams, great businesses and great ideas to build value:

Our Private Equity Investment businesses invest in established, growing enterprises:

Buyouts acquires majority holdings in Middle East, Asian and European businesses with a enterprise value up to around US$200 million. 

Growth Capital invests up to US$50 million per deal, in businesses with enterprise values ranging from US$10 million to US$200 million, to acquire minority and majority holdings in companies across Middle East Europe, and Asia.

Our Infrastructure team invests between US$10 million and US$100 million per 
deal, focusing on European, Middle East and Asian infrastructure assets.

Our active Industry Funding Team acquires influential or controlling shareholdings in small and mid cap companies across Continental Europe, Middle East and Asian typically with an enterprise value in the range of US$10 million to US$100 million.

Our SMI team manages older, minority investments, predominantly in the Taiwan, China, South Korea, Eastern Europe, Middle East and United Kingdom.

Reliable Venture Capital manages our established portfolio of earlier-stage venture capital investments across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The total value of TPHCL"s Venture Capital portfolio is almost US$ 800 million as of final annual report thereof year 2012.

We do entertain all type of Business Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Buyouts, Secured Loans for Business Expansion, expansion for additional company re-structure financing shares and stocks.

Finally, of course, we wish to venture forth with potential Business Partners for mutual benefits and growths together with anticipated Goals and Achievements.

Famous Quote:

"The pursuit of what is true and the practice of what is good are the two 
most important objects of philosophy."


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