Seeking For Business Expansion Or Start-Up Funds

Feeling disappointed when Banks, Financial Institutions, Venture Capitalists and Angel investors say "No"to your brilliant business dreams, ideas and goals?

Then where do Business Entrepreneurs approach for their funding to expand their business or newly start-up potential Company?

Well! it is a daily affair for most Business Entrepreneurs armed with well developed business plans with positive thoughts walking into Banks - but again coming empty-handed.

Why? It is because Banks and Financial Institutions have to follow certain monetary laws and rules and are much tied-up in their lending procedure accordingly to Central Bank Policy, "No, to high risks business and the demand of secured collateral to back-up the lending.

Another choice is to approach Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors through their panel of Funding Brokers, but for them to take such risks, obviously the demand of ownership percentage will be fantastic higher.

Eventually the Entrepreneur's shares will be reduced to an unreasonable potion and these funder shall take control of the Board of Directors which demand a position to significantly control the day-to-day affairs of the well established Company.

Lenders/Private Investors
For Entrepreneurs who wish to offer a fair percentage ownership in the business should approach Private Lenders or Private Investors which will be an alternative worth considering.

Introducing "Titanium Prospect Holding Company Limited"
(TPHCL) A consortium comprising of Global Private Lenders and Private Capitalists who are mostly "Cash Cows".

On the whole TPHLC are looking for the viable business information and will conduct similar due diligence as Banks, Financial Institutions, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

TPHLC does research in seeking for Entrepreneurs with great business ideas, airtight business plans, that includes contingency scenarios, realistic generated forecasts, back by experienced and professional personnel preferably with financial stakes in the business.

However TPHCL, like most Private Lenders or Private Investors are known "Specialists"who engage in higher calculated risk ventures because we clearly understand both the opportunity and risk associated with selected business types and market segments.

TPHCL will not only fund projects that other financial sources reject, we will creatively work on Leverage Buyout (LBO) or structuring loan repayment to clear off borrowed financial debts and will provide funding in emergency and rescuing financial problems.

After ten years of investing in both winners and losers, TPHCL have selected professional and expertise to conduct the best due diligent and have developed an evaluation methodology to help in choosing businesses with high probability to be profitable and every long-term success with the investment.

Given the relatively low profile of most Private Lenders and Private Investors, TPHCL source its investments through Business Capital Brokers.

The Brokers shall screen the profiles of the Business Owners and projects, thus giving a wider selection of investment that match the specification of ours.

"Revenue House Consultant and Management" is one of the much preferred company in our listed panel as a reliable Business Capital Brokers with many others aloft with much sincerity, integrity through their flexible hard working stances and successful experience with our projects assigned to them.

(refer to Panel List below)
Our philosophy is based on these principals.
  • H stands for Honesty
  • I stands for Integrity
  • S stands for Sincerity
  • T stands for Transparency
  • A stands for Achievements
If you cannot beat the Goliath of the industry, join us.

Two heads are better than one.

United we stand.

Famous Quote:
"The key to change... is to let go of fear."Rosanne Cash

Management and Consultant Panel List

Alliance Consulting and Management

The AMI Solution Management

Basic Technology Consultant and Management

Campbell Alliance Consultant and Management

Deloitte Consultants and Management

Fiscal Management
Garner Consultant and Management
J C Jones Management and Associates

Marakon Management and Associates

Revenue House Consultant and Management

Steven Hall Management and Associates

In dealing with TPHCL, you may contact our appointed Business Brokers preferably "Revenue House " (www.revenue-house.com) who has successfully concluded our Eastern European, Middle East and Asia Projects with reasonable results.

You may provide your information to them to have access with company, after which they shall arrange for meetings between both interested parties.

The purpose of this statement is to set out the principles governing TPHCL to use personal information that the Management and Staff of "Revenue House" may obtain from you.

The information provided to us enable our company to contact you for a joint venture meeting and presentation with our Chairman Paul Liang personally for realistic access towards the business collaboration.

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